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Hi, I'm Elisa.

Designer + Artist

Artful Living by Design

Embracing my core values of freedom, courage, and inclusivity, my goal is to curated a life filled with intention and purpose. These guiding principles have empowered me to design a journey that is as meaningful as it is fulfilling.

At the core of my work lies a human-centered approach, seamlessly translating your needs into visual solutions. With this mindset, my approach ensures every project becomes an inspired reflection of your unique vision.


I am an Olympia-based human-centered designer, muralist, and logo design business owner, weaving creativity and empathy into meaningful visual experiences.



I paint thirsty walls.

From commercial spaces to residential havens, my hand-painted mural work brings art to life, transforming walls into captivating visual narratives that breathe new energy and elevate the ambiance.

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Logo Design

Just say no to clip art branding.

Logo design and branding by Bent Design Co. is clever, original, and a delight to the eye. Look no further when you need a new logo or a full brand refresh.

  • Elisa Del Giudice's Logo Design Business

New Arrivals

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