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Client: Residential

This mural is in a backyard, representing the family's values and sayings. A quick concept sketch lead to a brightly colored realty, bringing lift and energy to the space. This now serves as a backdrop for gatherings and photos for various parties and events throughout the summer but can be viewed from the kitchen and living space year round. 


Creative Brief

  • Bright and colorful

  • Represent family values

  • Be a backdrop for photos during parties 

  • Be a central focus point to gather around

  • Be visible from the house

  • Be versatile enough to be enjoyed year round.

Big Questions

  • How might we bring organic shapes into this space to soften the straight lines of the house? 

  • What is a message that resonates with the family?

  • How can we represent the rainbow while not being an actual rainbow?

Design and Installation
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