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Client: South Sound YMCA

The South Sound YMCA, located in Olympia Washington requested a mural on wall considered to be the "Gateway to Olympia". 


Creative Brief

"It's important that the design embody the themes of strengthening the foundation of community and show our commitment to welcoming ALL through this gateway to the heart of Olympia. The message should convey a genuine determined feeling of hope for a bright future while acknowledging our shared history."

- South Sound YMCA

My Why

Olympia is home to me. This city and its community have been a constant source of safety and support, time and time again. I've grown here, pursued my education, raised my son, celebrated life's joys, and navigated its losses. And I never had to do any of it alone - even during a global pandemic. 

This community has always been there for me, wrapping their arms around me when I needed strength and encouragement. They provided a collective backbone for me to lean on when I had nothing left. I am grateful for the countless times they've shown up for me, allowing me to call Olympia home and my sanctuary. 

About This Piece

My objective with this mural was to capture the essence of hope amidst the darkest moments of life. As a firm believer in the power of inclusivity and community in supporting individual mental health, I aimed to visually represent this network of support through an abstract depiction. By aligning with the YMCA's community mission and values, I emphasized the significance of building and nurturing strong connections. 

This mural is part of a country-wide artistic movement focused on connection and mental health, connecting the Olympia community into a wider ecosystem of communities. Through this initiative, we aspire to create a positive impact on individuals and communities alike. 

Design and Installation

Photo by Russell Moore 

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